QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks is used by many entrepreneurs to manage finance, bookkeeping, accounts, taxes, emails, online payments, company files, and data, etc. effortlessly. Developed by Intuit, this incredible software is still impressing users with its features, tools, compatibility that save time and increase business productivity. 

But technical glitches and errors also run parallel to this software after all it is a human-made tool. The errors not only obstruct your crucial work but also impact the business growth that is frustrating for all.  

Intuit has developed various tools in the software itself to repair countless errors and issues on its own. ‘Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool’ is one such tool that can fix countless errors that take place in QBs. In this post, you will read all about how to download and ways to use Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tools effectively to fix numerous Quickbooks errors. 

Issues that can Be fixed by QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Use this repairing tool when you experience the below-mentioned issues:

  • Unable to get access to the QuickBooks database.
  • Issues in Windows Firewall
  • Missing Vendor, Employees, and Customer names.
  • Damaged files.
  • Sluggish response from the mouse and keyboard.
  • Window halts.
  • Missing QB files.
  • Virus attack.
  • Error code messages are popping up on the screen.

When to use QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool?

QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool?

  • When Firewall is incompatible with the current QBs version.
  • To repair damaged files.
  • To fill the entries in the vacant vendor, employee, and customer list.
  • To provide access to the QB database.
  • Fixing the errors in QB Database Server Manager.
  • Fixing errors in Multi-user mode.
  • When there is a virus attack.

Download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: Requirements 

  • The software functions on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, and Windows Vista. 
  • It is compatible with Quickbooks 2008 version, QBs enterprise Solution 8.0 or higher. 
  • Your system must have a C++ framework structure and undamaged Microsoft components.

This tool can recognize and repair the errors automatically with C++, Microsoft .Net Framework, and MSXML.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download and Install

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download and Install

The process to Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool 2018 download is: 

  • Install the current version of QBs software. 
  • Reach out to the Intuit site and download ‘QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.’
  • Save the file to any location.
  • Tap twice on your file.
  • Your screen will show an ‘Installation window.’
  • Follow the prompts displayed on the screen and ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions.’
  • Tap on ‘Finish.’
  • Find your file and save it in a C drive.
  • Click twice on the Desktop icon of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to access it.

How to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Using this tool is not a tough task, just follow these after installation steps:

  • After the installation, QuickBooks Tool will be opened instantly.
  • Click on the ‘File’ and then on ‘Utilities.’
  • Tap on the ‘Repair File’ option.
  • Choose the option ‘Network Problem.’
  • Go to the company file location.
  • If you are working on a single user system then skip the network connectivity option.
  • Pick the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ Option and a box will pop up.
  • Login with the Admin Password.
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Select from ‘Host System’ and ‘Workstation.’
  • Choose the ‘Diagnostic Tool’ to conduct the scan. 
  • The tool will automatically recognize the error and repair it.
  • You can open the company file and resume your work.

How to Use Tabs of QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool? 

The tabs mentioned below are already integrated inside the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool. To use these tabs, first of all, tap twice on the ‘Quickbooks Diagnostic Connection Tool’ to run it and follow these steps:

  1. Diagnose Connection Tab: You can test the computer set up to ensure that the company files can be accessed from a system and whether the workstation is in single-user mode or multi-user mode. Set all permissions appropriately otherwise your screen will display errors.
  2. Firewall Status: In this tab, you will find information about the Firewall. You can modify the Firewall settings as per your system’s requirements.
  3. Test Connectivity: You have to use this tab to test the connectivity of the computer.

How to Check the Connectivity?

Check the Connectivity

  • Tap on the option just next to your QBs Company File. 
  • Then pick the ‘Test Connectivity’ option. 
  • After the process, your screen will display either Green or Red color. The green color indicates that the error is repaired whereas the red color indicates that the error is still there.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have found all information about Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool 2018 in this one single article. Now you can use this repairing tool efficiently to repair errors on your own. However, if you have more complex doubts then feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks Customer support for more guidance. You can contact them via call/email/live/chat 24 x 7. The trained professionals are available all time for resolving your queries with the best assistance.

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